Mail System Improved!

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I gotta say im really impressed with the quickness Mythic is fixing bugs (yes i know its a retail game, they should have been fixed, but mmorpgs are different) After much complaining about their useless mail system they realeased a hotfix today that made the mail system usefull again. It’s a lot faster with almost no time restrictions any longer.


As mentioned during this morning’s updates to NA servers all Oceanic servers will be coming down at 1:45PM EDT for an update. This update is part of our efforts to improve the responsiveness of the mail system. We expect to have servers up before 4:30 PM EDT.

As always please check the Herald for the latest information and updates.

Thank you!

no…thank you! Mythic.


Who said BWs are overpowered…

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Overpowered....i think not.

Overpowered....i think not.

 As you can see from the screenshot above, this is my proof that BWs are not over….oh shit nm.

State of the game

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Marc Jacobs (GM/VP of Mythic) posted a great article about the state of the game after its first month and what to look for in the upcoming patches and its definatly worth your time if your interested it includes 2 new classes, rvr rewards, and much much more…here is an exerpt:

Let’s start with what we know is some truly exciting news.  I’m happy to

 announce that in December, the Black Guard and the Knight of the Blazing Sun will officially be part of WAR.  We have very special plans around their appearance and in our next newsletter we will provide full details about that exciting and rather novel event.  When they were cut from the game

 launch plans earlier this year, I said that the Black Guard and the Knight would be part of WAR only when they were great and deserved their place alongside all of WAR’s other compelling classes.  I also said that we would not charge any additional fees for this new content or put it in a separate expansion pack; that’s not how we operate.  We’ve kept to that plan and with the introduction of these two classes, Mythic shows that once again we are happy to keep giving players more value for their subscription dollars than any other MMORPG developer.

Put down the Hot Pocket and go read it now!

This will help the lacking tank presence in the scenarios we have all been craving…I really missed seeing a huge armored tank running in front of me (sorry ironbreakers, you are still cool), it gives you that warm little feeling inside that you are safe(r), did i mention i love player collision in WaR, it really changes everything about pvp.

Tier 3 Finally! (again…)

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I finally have my mount again…yay, running around was getting really old. Finally i can go back to Tier 3. 

It hasn’t been too long but i gotta say i missed Tor Anroc, its just a blast to play with my WH and now with Lynx. Nothing like watching people get knocked around in to the lava (i can’t wait ’till i get my knockback) I joined kind of early (only 20 atm) but i found that going into the next tier early has a lot of good bonuses. For one you get alot more Renown Exp, due to every player being higher lvl than you, i was doing around 800-1000k for the first few games at lvl 20. The other exp is a little lower but rapidly gaining renown rank to catch up to your level makes up for i think.

PQs are boring…

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Ok so last night i was running around Ostland and found a small group right outside chap8 doing a PQ so i joined in and next thing you know i had repeated the PQ 4 times, i got 1 purple miniskirt robe (it was meh…) and 2 lesser bags-o-crap. The experience sucked, i ended up getting 15% of exp for my lvl which would have been done easily in 2 Scenarios. Yet another reason not do any PQs. Oh and the influence rewards were awful compared to RvR gear also, so one more reason its a waste of time.

Kill Collectors

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I’ve seen a lot of posts and questions about Kill Collectors so let me explain how they work very quickly how ive come to understand them (i’m sure im wrong in some way…lol)

They are located at most (if not all) chapters i believe and give you a certain amount of experience for every mob you kill that they want killed (genocide is a great thing). This is not a quest you have to keep turning in after every kill, a good example is the kill collector in troll country. He wants trolls dead, go do the first PQ inside the chapter area and go back to him after your done for the day (im not sure if the kills persist after logout, someone correct me please), its a great one due to trolls being the main mob you will be killing in the area, make sure you see him before you leave the area to cash in all those kills you racked up. Ive gotten up to 5-7k after a day of killing there.

Patch 1.0.3

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New Patch is out today… Not anything amazing but a few usefull items here is my Patch Notes For Dummies. 

  • “In order to ensure that the Apothecary skill remains a valuable crafting profession potions will no longer drop as frequently.” Well thanks….now we will never have potions since nobody makes them and everyone who salvages just vendors their materials for cash.
  • /rg – Report Gold Spammers with 4 strokes of the keyboard…not bad. I’ve actually have stopped receiving gold spam in the recent weeks, im sure its only a short time until someone figures out a way around it. 
  • Regional Chat System, hopefull this fixed the ever so quiet world that we have come to get used to…i want some “Barrens Chat” to annoy me so much that i turn it off. Yah its off…but its nice to know its there.
  • New Mail Icon Notifier – Yah….we can now know when we have new mail…too bad i could UPS a letter to someone faster. Oh i grabbed a nifty mass mailer addon for WaR the other day of curse…that was a huge waste of time considering it dosent work due to the 30 second mail delay, dont waste your time with it.
I miss this…. kinda.